Hong Kong was the dark heart of the ivory trade, which resulted in the death of 30 000 African Elephants every year. Yet, 70% of Chinese people didn't realise you had to kill an elephant to take it's ivory, possibly because the Chinese characters for ivory literally mean 'elephant tooth'.
In order to change the law, and save the elephants, we first had to change a language.
To do so, WWF partnered with linguistic experts and allowed the people of Hong Kong to submit their own word for ivory, through social, mobile and on-ground, these also acted as a petition to ban the trade. After receiving nearly 100 000 petitions, our new word was chosen, 'The Tooth of Life'.

All together, this forced the government's hand, and on January 13th 2016, the motion to ban the trade was passed.

Accolades: Clios, Spikes Asia, Echo Awards, PMMA Dragons, Kam Fan, Sabre Awards.

Team: Jonathan Jay Lee, Anastasia Simone, Kitty Tang

Creative Directors: Mike Pearson, Julian Hernandez

CCO: Reed Collins