Mandalay is an evocative, and mysterious city with a rich colonial history, and thanks to Mandalay Rum, and even richer drinking history. To create packaging for the export rum, we created a brand that celebrated the inebriated history of the city. We designed a bottle inspired by old rum receptacles from the colonial period, with engravings and designs inspired by carvings found at ancient Mandalay temples.

To accompany the bottle we created the Mandalay Gazette, a parody of a colonial outpost broadsheet. We wrote it from scratch, based on newspapers of the day, populating it with humorous content and stories imbued with Mandalay Rum. The Gazette became the bottle wrap, and was repurposed to form a series of print ads as well as posters. 

Accolades: Spikes Asia, London International, Transform Awards

The bottle, collateral and other elements of the campaign.

The posters we wrote and created, which doubled as a unique bottle-wrap. 

The front and back pages of the Gazette.

The centre pages of the Gazette.

Team: Gianluca Crudele, Malcolm Pryce, Amy Thompson

Creative Directors: Mike Pearson, Andy Reynolds

CCO: Reed Collins